Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Oh no

Oh no, here we go. I've put on 5 pounds since Friday morning. How is that possible? I know I am eating more, but didn't think it was *that* much more, and I've been exercising too

Need to get my refill bookd asap :-(

Off to sulk in a corner . .

Saturday, 4 April 2009


This is soooo not what I wanted to say.
Went to Belgium yesterday to see CDB cos I wanted a tiny fill, although my band is pretty tight, I havent' lost weight for a month.

He wasn't impressed with me. Told me I was dehydrated and losing muscle not fat; needed to eat more protein and had prob lost too much weight. (not fat, just weight)

HUH?? Ok, I know there are BMI charts etc, but I am still fat round the bust,back and lower legs.

Then (and I so did not want this to happen!) he xrayed my band, and I saw that my pouch is swelling a little. More than a little.

So he promptly decided on a 1 mil de-fill for 4 - 6 weeks.

I am only at 4.50 mls now.

Last time I had a defill I went from 5.75mls to 4.75mls and in four weeks gained 10 pounds. . .

May 16 08 I had 5.75mils and was defilled to 4.75mils

During the time between May 16th and June 20th, when I had 4.75 mils in my band, I gained 10 pounds, going from 12 stone 2 to 12 stone 12.

June 20 08 I was refilled with 0.75

And since June 08 I had 5.50mils in my band; and have gone from 12 stone 12 to 8 stone 12 (9 months to lose four stone).

And now I feel like all that has been yanked out from under me, I have no restriction at all, and am terrified that in four/six weeks I will have gained 20kg.

Help help help.

How do I cope with this? Dr Chris as ever is kind, competent, but efficient; I didn't have a hope of arguing with him, nor of pointing out that I *like* the weight I'm at.

On the other hand I can see that my pouch is dilating, I've been vomitting too much lately, and I do desperately lack muscle tone.

So although I am terrified, I realise he is right. My restriction (I only got back from Belgium a few hours ago)already seems to have disapppeared. Completely.

Cambridge Diet here I come. If I can. And I am going to book a refill asap.

And since I never travel without my camera; here is CDB's house:

and consulting clinic - the side entrance In his waiting room, a model of a gastric band. Very interesting to see.The Campanille Hotel:

Brussels was very cold this time: took refuge in McDonalds for coffee and some breakfast:

McDonalds is pretty impressive in Brussels. More so than in New York City; or central London.
They haven't had McDonalds in Belgium for long, well, only since 1978

then finally, after a long trek, arrived back in St Pancras.

As for the future, next 4 - 6 weeks.

I am frankly terrified.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Size matters

New look. .

Well, new measurements anyway.

Found this from an old post, 13 months ago, Feb 29 08: (I was about 13 stone then, down from 14-8 pre op; I was 10 wks post op)

. OK so I have a waist of 46, hips of 41 and bust 47, which makes me a waist size 24 (and I'm in danger of heart disease cos my waist is bigger than my hips); hip size 20, and bust 22.

Well, since I am sitting here not doing much, killing time till I have to get up and go to Belgium tomorrow morning, I took some measurements.

Waist 31, hips 33.5 and bust 39 inches

Hmmm. Other than my hips I am kind of appalled how big I am, since I am 8 stone 12 with a BMI of 19.

But an enormous bust! Tried to look this up online; it seems I have UK size 16 bust and waist, but a size 8 bottom. Hmmm.

Anyone out there know more about sizes than me?