Monday, 2 July 2012

Face lift

Not a weight loss related issue, well maybe. Since losing around 80 pounds I've been aware that I have loose wrinkled skin round my face (well, to be honest, in lots of places but my face bothers me most)

I've had botox and fillers and sculptra and have been mostly pretty happy with the results.  But I found this online

Not sure if you can see the video here, but do click the linkl

and was tempted to try it. I saw the surgeon today, and wasn't impressed. He didn't speak English very well, and we spent about 10 mins together maximum.

It is cheap by UK standards (£1750) but is only likely to last for a year. (That is a lot less than I could spend on non-surgical procedures like lipolysis)

I'm going ahead with the procedure, and will post before and after pics.. . . .

It is a "one stitch" face lift.  As the video says, you put your fingers in your ears, move then forward to your face and pull up, to see the probable result.

The patient coordinator I am dealing with seems very competent. I've googled the surgeon, and as usual there are good stories and bad - tho no bad stories about this procedure. (Yet!)