Monday, 20 March 2017

Long gap

Hi all or anyone who still reads this. I've not blogged much lately cos there really hasn't been much to blog about.  Things were fairly plain sailing and normal.  Then I went through some fairly stressful stuff and realised my band was reacting by being too tight.

I left it for a while in the hope it would sort itself out but nope, I was back to daily pbging, so made an appt with Belgium Surgery Services (which is what Dr Chris now calls his company) to have an unfill in London

I met Bart, who Id not seen before, and he said I had 5.5ml in and he suggested taking out 1mil. So I am down to 4.5ml

I still have restriction but not like I did, and inevitably I've gained a little weight.  But hopefully I'll lose it if I'm careful what I eat.

Up to 143 pounds this morning, will keep weighing in once a month till I'm back to normal.  I am working on two things: not eating when I'm actually just thirsty; and not eating unless my tummy is rumbling (or I'm feeling light headed)

If I stick to that I should get rid of these pesky seven pounds.

And in a blast from the past, I spent last week at the AZ van Portaels Hospital - not as a patient, but as company for a friend who was having WLS. I was surprised how much the hospital has changed, it's huge and bright green.  And certainly the bariatric team there are working practically on a conveyor belt! WLS has obviously become much popular in the last ten years.

Hope to post more regularly to see if I can hit this regain on the head :)