Friday, 14 June 2013

Wow, I can't believe I've not posted here in nearly a year. I guess that is because there is very little to say, band wise.

The blip I was having when I last posted seemed to settle down on its own, and it is a long time since I've had a fill or defill.

My weight is stable at around 136 pounds, sometimes I get up to 140 but then I cut back.

I've rejoined the gym to try to build some muscle, as I really don't have any, but since I only rejoined last week I don't expect to see any results yet.

My band seems to be working well - I am 5.5 yrs post op. I eat smaller portions all the time, and if I don't, I'll  be sick. There are also some foods that I simply can't eat at all, but I've got so used to that now, that I don't think about it.

When eating out I've perfected the "push and pick" move, whereby I move food round my plate and eat hardly any of  it (unless it is band friendly).

I'm so glad I had my band, it is part of my life now, and though I don't think about it most days, it is good to know it is still working well. I don't think about my weight most days either, I just get on with life.

My port is very visible/obvious to anyone who hugs me tightly, so I have mentioned it to a couple of close friends who didn't know, and they were in shock that I'd ever need WLS. Grin, they haven't known me that long.

I've changed a lot on the inside as well as on the out. I'm a much stronger person, I'm more involved in all kinds of different activities now. I have a lot of new friends  - people who didn't know me before; and yes WLS has changed my personality; I'm more outspoken and less of a doormat, grin, some of my old friends possibly think I am not such a nice person, but that would depend on your definition of "nice".

Congrats to Catherine ahead of her big day tomorrow - so thrilled for you!  And I am enjoying catching up on everyone's continued stories.

Even if you don't blog very often, post now and again to let us know how you are doing