Friday, 5 May 2017

Faces n stuff

Since Bunny mentioned it, I might as well say here in case it helps anyone, I had the five point PDO Thread lift and it was a painful waste of time. The practitioner was not experienced (tho I went to the practice I generally use and they are generally very good)

The practitioner got it really wrong, the thread which is meant to go into your facial tissue and pull it up, ended up coming through inside my mouth. And which is worse, she nearly got it stuck thru the tissue where it would have come thru on to the outside of my face. Because she came so near the surface with it, I am  left me with permanent bumps/ lumps on my face.  (well not permanent cos this is not a permanent procedure).

The head of the practice did try to even things out with Sculptra but to little avail, I was left with what looked like punch marks on my face. I didnt' make a fuss.  But I would definitely NOT recommend this treatment. 

It cost £4k.  Which is a ridculous amount of money to end up looking worse than I started.  But you sign the risks and terms n conditions which say you might end up with bad results. 

Interested to see on their Facebook page someone has publicly said they thought it was expensive and rubbish too. I don't want to post on facebook, and generally people don't about facial surgery, so I wonder how many other people were unhappy

Keeping it real

Update from last time. Like I said, life went on as normal for ages, keeping my weight stable, weighing once a month.

Then life got stressful for external (non weight) reasons, and I realised I was throwing up a lot more often and eating junk, and worse, started substituting alcohol for food.  Thankfully I realised that this was not a long term way of dealing with stress and worse I was gaining weight.

So I had one mil out.

That was in February; and altho I didn't really notice a huge difference in restriction, I became overwhelmingly hungry - starving even - all the time.  I thought I was managing it till I weighed myself in April (8 weeks later) and I was up to 71kg. That horrified me no end. I'd not been that weight for years and years. 

For some people that might look ok, my BMI was up to 24.5; but on me it is NOT a good look. I put all my weight gain on my torso, not arms or legs or face. I started to look about 5 months pg. Not a good look.

So I got a refill tho he would only put 0.75mls in. Again I didn't notice much difference in restriction, but the hunger is not so bad, and I am making conscious decisions to eat more carefully and move a bit more

Anyone who has followed me will know I don't get exercise, it never makes me feel good or better, I hate it and generally avoid it. I am trying to walk a bit more when I'm out and about but I refuse to get a fit bit, it would only depress me!

Weighed in today (not in the Chemist where I get a print out, and I'm  - a week later - I'm down to 68.1kg, which is a lot better, and I've lost one point off my BMI.

Still got a bit to go till I fit properly into my clothes, but at least I stopped the problem.  

My stress situation is still there, but I am learning not to self medicate with wine, I wish I could say I have stress sorted, I don't.

I also got my cholesterol tested and it's quite high, so I've swapped milk (in my coffee, which I had a few times a day) for this 
which will hopefully make a difference. And I've started snacking on oatcakes instead of cheese.  I know I need to up my fruit intake, but I've also started making soups a lot, to try to get my five a day in.

Will try to blog more often, I'm not often on this account, so now I can go and leave comments on my favourite blogs!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Long gap

Hi all or anyone who still reads this. I've not blogged much lately cos there really hasn't been much to blog about.  Things were fairly plain sailing and normal.  Then I went through some fairly stressful stuff and realised my band was reacting by being too tight.

I left it for a while in the hope it would sort itself out but nope, I was back to daily pbging, so made an appt with Belgium Surgery Services (which is what Dr Chris now calls his company) to have an unfill in London

I met Bart, who Id not seen before, and he said I had 5.5ml in and he suggested taking out 1mil. So I am down to 4.5ml

I still have restriction but not like I did, and inevitably I've gained a little weight.  But hopefully I'll lose it if I'm careful what I eat.

Up to 143 pounds this morning, will keep weighing in once a month till I'm back to normal.  I am working on two things: not eating when I'm actually just thirsty; and not eating unless my tummy is rumbling (or I'm feeling light headed)

If I stick to that I should get rid of these pesky seven pounds.

And in a blast from the past, I spent last week at the AZ van Portaels Hospital - not as a patient, but as company for a friend who was having WLS. I was surprised how much the hospital has changed, it's huge and bright green.  And certainly the bariatric team there are working practically on a conveyor belt! WLS has obviously become much popular in the last ten years.

Hope to post more regularly to see if I can hit this regain on the head :)