Friday, 5 May 2017

Faces n stuff

Since Bunny mentioned it, I might as well say here in case it helps anyone, I had the five point PDO Thread lift and it was a painful waste of time. The practitioner was not experienced (tho I went to the practice I generally use and they are generally very good)

The practitioner got it really wrong, the thread which is meant to go into your facial tissue and pull it up, ended up coming through inside my mouth. And which is worse, she nearly got it stuck thru the tissue where it would have come thru on to the outside of my face. Because she came so near the surface with it, I am  left me with permanent bumps/ lumps on my face.  (well not permanent cos this is not a permanent procedure).

The head of the practice did try to even things out with Sculptra but to little avail, I was left with what looked like punch marks on my face. I didnt' make a fuss.  But I would definitely NOT recommend this treatment. 

It cost £4k.  Which is a ridculous amount of money to end up looking worse than I started.  But you sign the risks and terms n conditions which say you might end up with bad results. 

Interested to see on their Facebook page someone has publicly said they thought it was expensive and rubbish too. I don't want to post on facebook, and generally people don't about facial surgery, so I wonder how many other people were unhappy

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