Sunday, 8 February 2015

New Year

I realise I've not updated in ages, I will try to do a monthly update this year. . .

One new year's resolution I made is to weigh in once a month, on a machine that does print outs (so obviously I'm weighing in with my clothes on, rather than jumping on the bathroom scales before a shower, so I do weigh a bit more).  But I thought that the accountability of having a slip to log at least once a month would stop me getting complacent.

I didnt once to get into doing it once a week - it's a bit embarassing it's a machine in a local pharmacy, not a gym and it kinda talks out loud during the process (tho it doesn't announce the results!), so once a month seems reasonable

So far so good, I'm down to 147 pounds fully clothed, and looking back, thats four pounds lighter than I was this time last yr (I still have the old slip)

It's good to keep checking and easy to get complacement !

I'm also cutting down on beer - too many empty calories; that might help too.

I'm also growing my hair not had it cut for over a year, it badly needs a trim but itt grows soooo slowly I feel like it will be short forever unless I make a positive effort to not get  it cut. I suppose there's a similarity: it's the little things that make me fat, not the one offs. It's the little trims every other month that keep my hair short . . .

Hope to keep in touch more - if anyone has a contact for can you ask her to add me, used to read regularly.

I hate it when bloggers fade out of touch, tho I'm as guilty as everyone of it :) real life gets in the way but shall try to do better!