Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Almost another year

Wow it is really nearly a year since I last posted.  I do still read blogs off n on, but it never seems worth posting when I don't have much to say about my band/weight. BUT with Cath getting back into posting, I thought I would do the same, in case anyone is still reading.

I'm still a happy bandit/bandster. My weight is up a little, I vary between 9-12 and 10-8 (or 138 to 148 in pounds) and lately have been at the higher end. But I can live with that.

My life has changed a lot, I have more energy, spend time going out, care about what I look like - the list goes on. I also stand up for myself more, and refuse to give into "emotional blackmail" from friends who don't like the new me.

Good luck to everyone out there, I read your stories, esp the longer term bandsters who shared my initial journey.

If anyone reads, do comment so I know