Monday, 4 April 2016

Back again

Just spent a stressful two hours trying to access my account, for some weird reason my old username had gone awol  - stress stress stresss

On the bright side of things I think I am back in business - and lol i didn't once think of getting some food to make it better!

Here is this month's update - late again, but still doing it.

Oddly, I'm growing (or maybe I had my hair up)

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Could have done better

Well this is not what I'd hoped for, last weigh in of the year (a few days late)  - I had hoped to be down to 9 stone 9; but hey ho, it is what it is
I knew I hadn't had a great Xmas cos of huge family stress, but the strange thing is that I tend to eat less when stressed, or maybe I just mean I eat less of proper food. I obviously ate enough to keep my weight going; and there are the inevitable liquid calories over Xmas and socialising. . .  .

But I am keeping going. I will keep weighing in once a month and I am 11 pounds less than I was this time last year. Without any conscious effort except knowing what I weighed last month. 

Need to be more healthy this year, more about that next post, but I'm still here and band is still working. I'm happy.

I'm blessed to have a well functioning band eight plus years out.

Happy New Year all.