Thursday, 22 January 2009

More reflections on the past

In 1999 I'd been dieting all my life. Can't remember when I first started using Slim Fast, but in 1999 I splashed out £18-99 on something called "Fat Magnets" - Chitosan.
I remember asking the very slim shop assistant if they worked and she just looked down her nose at me and said "I wouldn't know" with as much distaste as she could muster. I was 12 stone 6, BMI 27. Hardly disgustingly fat.
It didn't work.
About a year later and a stone heavier hit on the idea of eating prepacked (and not cheap!)Weightwathchers Ready Meals.
Didn't lose much weight
In May 2002, weight 194 pounds ( or 13 stone 12) I finally cracked and bought Xenical Online. Cost me a fortune (can't remember now, but they weren't cheap at all).
I remember the relief flooding over my whole body when I realised that I was finally going to be thin. The battle was finally over, it was not longer up to me or to will power. A lttle blue pill was going to fix it)
If only it were that simple. There are no easy ways to fight obesity.

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Bunny said...

Love it. I am glad someone else bought those funny crushed shrimp shell tablets. I was only thinkign about that the other day (see my blog). How random. did you ever try wood vinegar foot pads?? No I doubt it. that one is reserved only for immense fat beasts like me :o)

Oh, and it didnt work either! funny that.

Did you read my account of xenical? I am honestly not joking when I tell you that I needed a new sofa, dining suite and also had to flush my pants down my accountants toilet as I was going to have to sit on cream crushed velvet chairs and I had serious orange lard running down my legs... Not good. It was not a highlight of my fat life.

It seems to have my mates in hysterical laughter when I tell it though. :o)