Friday, 6 May 2011


I had 0.5mils replaced in my band on May 5th.
My weight is up by quite a bit, to 150 lbs, from a low of 124 lbs. Not happy. Got to make better food choices, don't feel any difference in restriction, tbh, but time will tell.
I also had an xray done, but won't have it looked at by a doctor till next month


Catherine55 said...

Hi, H! Nice to see you on here! Sorry that it isn't going well, but at least you're bein proactive and know what you have to do. Plus, remember back when you were thrilled to only weigh 150? It's not so bad in the big scheme of things. Hang in there. Sending you a cyber hug. :)

Bandster said...

Thanks so much! I need to work on my "head issues" and self esteem - and I know I *have* to do more exercise.

I've been really lax with it lately; and the last month or so have had a good excuse (broken foot) - but either way, weight gain equals more calories in than out.

So I need to work on that, your support means a lot, thank you!

The further out you get, the harder it gets. . . unless you are really lucky.. imo

WHich is why I am trying to keep blogging even a little bit, cos there are few bandster blogs which go on for 5+ yrs. I hope I keep blogging, even if only now and again. And I read your blog all the time, congrats to you and all you've achieved.

Catherine55 said...

Thanks, H. I'm glad that you are going to keep posting. It's really helpful to see the things that other bandsters deal with when they are farther out from surgery.

I imagine that it does get harder in some ways once the thrill of losing is long behind you. I miss that feeling a bit. I'm also scared as hell about what will happen if something goes wrong with my band or I get injured and can't work out. I need those two things to keep me where I am.

I think it's great that you've come back on your blog to keep yourself on path, and to share this info too. Would love it if you post during your road back to your low weight -- I always enjoy reading your blog!

Lilynolife said...

Hi H
Good to see you back... wish I'd achieved your loss =0) I too need to deal with the head stuff as well as what I'm putting in my body...

Keep your chin up, you've done amazingly well... x