Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Almost another year

Wow it is really nearly a year since I last posted.  I do still read blogs off n on, but it never seems worth posting when I don't have much to say about my band/weight. BUT with Cath getting back into posting, I thought I would do the same, in case anyone is still reading.

I'm still a happy bandit/bandster. My weight is up a little, I vary between 9-12 and 10-8 (or 138 to 148 in pounds) and lately have been at the higher end. But I can live with that.

My life has changed a lot, I have more energy, spend time going out, care about what I look like - the list goes on. I also stand up for myself more, and refuse to give into "emotional blackmail" from friends who don't like the new me.

Good luck to everyone out there, I read your stories, esp the longer term bandsters who shared my initial journey.

If anyone reads, do comment so I know


Catherine55 said...

Nice to see you back on here! I hope all gets ironed out on the homefront soon!

KajunDee said...

Great to see you posting again.

Lilynolife Watts said...

Hi H, great to see a new post from you and well done on your success. I haven't done so great, but hey, I'm not 20 stone and I still have to think about what goes in my mouth LOL

It would be good to read more about how you're doing and how you're keeping your weight stable.

Well done you x