Tuesday, 11 August 2015

August update

Gosh it is ages since I updated. My plan to weigh in once a month on a print out machine is working well and I'm down to 137 pounds with clothes on.  Lowest I've been in two years, so I'm happy. 

Other things that are helping are trying not to eat unless my stomach is rumbling or I'm feeling light headed.  Doesn't always work, I'm really bad at snacking - current obsession is bread sticks with garlic dip.

I still can't eat a full meal, and do eat much more slowly than anyone I know. My friends and family are used to it and I've got the hang of "picking and pushing" so it looks like I'm eating more if I'm in a more formal situation.

Sorry to see some of my favourite bloggers have gone private - A Brand New Roo? or just stopped blogging (come  back My Weightloss Expedition)

I'm coming up to 8 yrs out in December, wow. It is sad to see how many people have lost their bands or their band has failed them since then. Loads of revisions to sleeve and bypass around. I've been very blessed to be doing ok, despite the odd wobble. Not had an adjustment for ages now. I really should go for an xray check up, but haven't got round to it.

Life of course is not as simple as a band and I'd hate to give the impression that I'm sitting here smugly happy. Lol if only.  But for all my hassles at least weight is one I can score off the list.

Comments welcomed!

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alfie travers said...

i had a gastric band 8 years ago too and lost restriction a year ago i lost over 100 kgs as my restriction was very tight indeed i went back to where i originally had the band fitted to find out the cost to remove and replace the band
at the time i had it fitted like many others times were good so i had the cash this time the cost was far out of my reach £8-10.000 so a no go but as everyone knows i was gaining weight rapidly
last year i was working in Poland and was introduced to a barbaric surgeon in Warsaw who i went to meet about replacing my band
on my first visit he said that he will think about it as he wanted to carry out all the follow ups and was not sure that i will keep returning to Warsaw for the follow up and adjustments as needed after 3 visits he agreed to carry out the surgery
the day came and unlike the UK i found myself in a polish hospital that is far unlike anything you will ever see in the UK it was like going back to post war England although as clean as could be expected
i went for the operation and unlike in the UK with masks etc. i was preparing myself and then the lights went out then back on again that was it all over ? i was out the operating theatre all done some usual pain as they managed to remove and replace at the same time although they said that during the operation their was times that they said they thought they wanted to stop as they were having complications cutting the band away from the spleen
i was their for 5 days this is normal for Poland otherwise i would have gone sooner at the door on the way out i was presented with the invoice 15000 !!!!!!! not pounds polish work it out !! £2800 i was so amazed as i seriously forgot to ask the cost before i went for the operation 3 months later and all good amazing the price difference foe the same service ok you need to lump the hospital but hey i going back for an adjustment for 3 days 5 star hotel all in with tickets for £200 including the fill lol happy days !!!!!!!!!!!