Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September 30th

I waited till the last minute to weigh in officially this month cos I was pretty sure I'd gained weight, and I was right, up one pound from last month. No big deal, so long as I lose it next month.

Sorry to sound so paranoid about one pound but I know how easy it is for aa pound here and there become ten pounds or worse re-gain. So I shall make an effort to nip this in the bud and get rid of it. I am 138 pounds, dressed, and BMI is 22, so plenty wiggle room in terms of "goal weight"  - well on paper. I'd like to get rid of a few pounds still - cos there is still plenty fat round my abdominal area, I have a definite "beer belly"; and as well as being unattractive, it's the most unsafe place to carry fat.

I read a lot online about Weight Loss Surgery and it seems like the gastric band has really fallen out of favour. Sleeves are the current surgery of choice, and fewer surgeons are doing bands. This has the knock on effect that getting band adjustments is becoming difficult for some people :(  

I haven't had an adjustment in a couple of years (I think) so it's not an issue for me right now, bit I'd hate to think that I'd have to travel too far if I needed one.  I guess when I had my surgery I thought it would be for life, and not go out of fashion.

I've been very lucky in how settled my band has been, I know some people have had bad experiences and it just didn't work for them. 

I really should go back to Belgium to get my "annual xray"  - I've only had two in nearly 8 yrs!

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