Wednesday, 11 March 2009

It got worse

I got up to 9 stone 5 the other day. I was worried. I didn't want to weigh myself the last week.

But today I was 9.2 again. Hmmm.

Doesn't seem any logic to it. Keep cutting out what I don't really want to eat, and make every calorie count.


point5 said...

Hi - I'm reading your blog like a bible since I've just found out that I am going for my 1st consultation appointment with the surgeon on Thursday. I am so happy and feel like I am on the road to recovery. How long did it take you to get to 9stone? I'm a miserable size 20/22. Noreen x

Bandster said...

Hi Noreen,

Are you on the WLSInfo Forum? Or do you have a blog?

I am not sure what size I was when I started. Highest pre op weight was 15-3; got down to 14-8 the day before my op; and 15 months later (I had a bit of a blip in the middle with scarlet fever) I got to 9 stone.

I am glad my blog has been useful :-) I tried to write the sort of things I would have found useful.

Where is your surgery?
Keep in touch

H x x