Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Have booked a band defill, I hope. It is early and I have a meeting, so if the doctor is late I will miss him. Hmmm.

Not that I really want a defill, but something has got to give, and I don't want it to be my band. Now to decide, how much to have out. . .


The Dash! said...

Oh oops! lol good decision. I just wrote this huge comment on the last post of yours. :)

Bandster said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I know you are right, but I am scared. Scared of getting fat again (you've seen the pictures :-))

Every time I've had a defill I've gained weight; but you are right, I can't carry on like this, I am going to damage my band if I do. I'm eating far too much/often; being sick far too much/often, and eating junk.

I need to get back to being healthy not just thin. That will be a new challenge for me. I hope I am up to it!