Monday, 14 September 2009


Well, I'm back. Sort of. I gave up the other blog, I guess I wasn't happy about being so open online.
I guess at worst it's easy to imagine my mom reading my blog. No one I know IRL reads this. At least not as far as I know.
Maybe they do. At least they'd know I don't have terminal bowel cancer. Which is what they all imagine since I've lost so much weight for no reason . . . .
Anyway. . .
If anyone reads this and would like to see before and after pics - let me know, leave a comment. I am happy to share pics with real people who want to see them. Just not happy to put myself online for the world to see.
Kudos to those of you (Dash, Catherine, etc) who can. I can't.
Soz guys


Heather said...

It is awesome to finally find someone blogging about this with a current date! I know there is the band webssite but most of those people are so HAPPY. I am not. The entry you wrote about how you feel when you gain weight, is me to a tee. I was having a terrible "fat" day today and I yelled at my kids. They went to school and now I was researching and found this. I feel a little better. See, I was banded on 6-07 and have had problems since about 6 mths after. Pain, vomiting, tightness, weight gain for the past year. Now I find out finally the band has slipped up toward my esphogaus. I have no more "pouch". The only thing I can keep down is high calorie foods, ice cream, peanut butter, chips, etc... My doctor refused to see me all this time because I had no insurance. Which is illegal where I live. Yesturday I finally found a new surgeon after all this time. I just felt like sharing my story with you. I am happy you have not had the same issues.

Dinnerland said...

You've done so well and your tone is very honest- I would love to see your pictures... !!
Please come check out my blog, I am not yet banded, but will be in just over a month.