Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Back from the Brink

"If you feel you are losing control of your surgery specific food intake what pulls you back from the brink?"

That question was asked on the WLS Info Forum. This was my reply:

I take a deep breath, and give myself a stiff talking to, and go back to fluids only for a few days (or fluids mostly at least - milky coffee, soups, slim fast - that seems to break the snack-habit which is my commonest downfall)

My over eating is always emotion-related, and I've learned (or I am learning) to forgive myself for it, and just sit it out till I get over it, and then cut back to get my weight down a few pounds.In the past I'd have hated myself for gaining five pounds so I'd have eaten till I gained ten, then dieted like mad till I lost four and hated myself for not losing fourteen. . .

My band is a brilliant tool. It does stop me "self destructing" like I used to do, since I can't physically eat enough to gain a stone in a week (I used to be able to) (easily) I have a really slow/low metabolism, and can only eat about 800 cals a day without gaining weight. That is a sad fact of life. I don't think that will ever change. But now, with my band, it is much harder to eat 5,800 cals a day

What pulls me back from the edge? My band doesn't let me crash over the edge as fast as I used to. It's like a parachute - I still go over, but more slowly. And I'm learning that that is ok, so long as I get up again.

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Bunny said...

Now I have read YOUR whole blog too. Its good. What I like is that you always think you are not losing, but ended up losing 90lbs somewhere along the way... it kind of snuck up on you!!! Thats so cool. I hope that happens to me. :o)

What does your hubby think? How many kids do you have btw?

Keep smiling.
I sent you a couple of emails...