Friday, 2 October 2009

This week

Another day, another dollar. .. .
I realise that now that I am at or around target weight, this blog could get boring. There isn't so much going on each week as there used to be.
Bunny, thanks for commenting, I am amazed you read all the way through my blog. You are right, I never thought I was getting anywhere until I did. . . it wasn't an easy trek.
Today I took a deep breath and jumped on the scales - nine stone eight pounds.
I was pleased, thought it would be worse. Ideally I'd be ten pounds lighter, but I can live with 9-8.
I had a follow up appt for my varicose veins today; short appointment, several painful injections that now look like bee stings all over my calves. Interesting to note that although I have a horrible family history and had one slight varicose vein when I was 19, I've never had them badly until I lost weight.
Apparently that is common - when you lose weight, you lose the fat which was supporting the veins and they collapse.
I will never have nice legs; but I hope I'll soon have less horrible ones. .
Today I had to go into central London, and between one thing and another, didn't manage to eat until 2.45pm. I had half a box of microwave chips with some cheese, then some salted cashews (can you see the fat??) (I did take Xenical since I'd eaten so much fat)
I'll have supper later, not sure what.

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