Friday, 16 October 2009


Despite my weight loss, I still have body parts I hate

Especially (since reading about Catherine's NSV Catherine's Boots ) my lower legs.

I am cursed.
(and no, this is not a pic of me! I found it online; if I looked like this I would not be complaining)

I have lost 90 pounds (on a good day).

But I stillllll have calves that measure 15 inches. And cankles that measure 10 inches.

If it is any consolation to me (not much - I never ever fit into any jeans) I have thighs 17.5 inches, and hips of 33 inches; and my waist is 36 inches.

How can I ever fit into clothes?? My BMI is around 20. Theoretically I am thin. Huh. With a 36 inch waist?

Maybe I need a tummy tuck and a lower body lift and and and - lol I haven't gotten into my upper body size, but just for the record, measured without a bra on. . . my bust is. . . 43 inches

I just about fainted when I worked it out right now.

The weird thing is that my BMI is on the low side of normal (as of tonight it is 20.8). Ok, great, BMI 2o, bust 43 inches, waist 36, hips 33.

What planet have I come from? And how do I fix this??

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Catherine55 said...

Hi, H! I wanted to thank you for the nice mentions and to get back to you on the boot thing.

I actually think those boots would fit you -- your calves are the same measurement as mine -- 15 inches, and my ankles (which have always been nice and small, even at 230 lbs) are 8.7 -- only 1.3 inches smaller than yours. So, that makes me think that you actually may not have cankles and could be being too hard on yourself.

I don't know why we're all built so differently. You have lovely thin thighs at 17 or so inches, whereas mine are 24 inches. Not my favorite part!

I'd love an invitation to your photo blog. Maybe I'll be able to think of some good suggestions on the fashion front! You can get me on chroniclesfrombandland(at)

I hope you are having a nice weekend.