Friday, 9 October 2009

Why ??

Why do some bandsters do really well (Catherine55 is a prime example) (, yet others (I am a member of WLSInfo Forums) really never get anywhere and after a miserable couple of years decide to go for RNY bypasses instead. Or they just give up.
What makes the difference? Is it a physiology thing - ie depending on where the band is placed or the fill level? Or is it all in our heads, and some people are better able to follow the bandster rules than others? Or (I hope not!) is obesity so heavily (no pun intended) genetically programmed into some people that bar being in a third world prison they would never lose weight?

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Bunny said...

beats me. I am coming up for my 3rd year anniversary. I know my tale is one of disaster, but after it was fixed it should have all worked out right? I think someone should do research into it in earnest. I love and hate being banded. Maybe that's it. Maybe if it all went right at the beginning I would be another catherine55. Ho hum. gotta play with the hand thats given I guess.

Thanks for your comments by the way. I needed a hug. :o)