Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not a happy bunny.  The fill has not given me the restriction I wanted.

I need more restriction, or more will power.  Lol, I know which is easier to get . . .

I can not maintain weight loss without restriction.  Maybe I should just get a stomach-ectomy and live on protein drinks for the rest of my life.

Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.

What next?

Another fill. But where and when and how (and what with??? these fills don't come cheap!)


Lilynolife said...

Hi H, good to see you posting again and sorry to hear your fill hasn't hit the spot... I was thinking about you and me, you have had an amazing weight loss and have gone through the mill with fills and unfills... I on the other hand have not maintained a particularly good weight loss, but am not as heavy as I was and continue to plod on, with enough restriction to slow me down, make me think about choices and on a good day... lose a 1lb or 2...but I bought my band with a 6 fill package and have 1 fill unused!! How mad is this contrast... Having read too many band blogs it appears those who end up filling and unfilling seem to have lots more visits to to the Doc than those of us who are less sucessful but have hardly any fills... Anyway my ponderings over.... You can find your will power and you can succeed x.x.

Keitha said...

Help me! I just had the Gastric Band in September, and I am so confused. After how many fills do you actually feel a food restriction? I have had three so far and I feel nothing!

Bandster said...

The number of fills it takes to give good restriction varies between people quite a lot. Some people need very few, others a lot more. And even when you do get good restriction it can loosen as you lose weight, so you may need another fill.

Good to hear from you again Lily :-) I think having a package of fills is a good idea!