Thursday, 20 March 2008


My restriction has eased off a bit, but I am still eating too much and being sick too much.

DH who was very keen on my having the op, and even keener on it working fast, told me last night that he doesn't think it is going to work; all it has done is depressed me more.

Yes I am depressed,but my GP believes in depression as much as obesity so there is no point in even mentioning it to him.

I am still eating too much, and being sick all the time. Everyone says to confront the head issues which make me overeat. But what do you do when you are faced with the unchangeable? Maybe I am overeating because there are aspects of my life that I am unhappy with, what can I do when I can't change them?

I can't turn the clock back ten years and re make or undo some decisions I made then. I see no way forward, or way out. WLS was just another "gimmick diet" for me, I guess.


Lilynolife said...
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Lilynolife said...

Hi H, Sorry to hear things continue to be so frustrating, however please please please give yourself a break, you have lost 18lb so the scales are moving in the right direction. Bands are not a quick fix as we both know... but you can't give up... we're in this together =0)

Have you considered cognitive therapy? Just a thought? Remember we are tortoises and we will win the race... eventually =0)

p.s Please try to remember, we cannot change the past but we are in control of our future.... we can make better decisions based on our past mistakes... don't beat yourself up for what has been and gone.... make the most of what is to come because the future is a gift, thats why its call the present =0)