Saturday, 21 June 2008


This will be quick since it is late and I am v tired.

Got to Melsbroek, met someone from the WLSInfo forum in the waiting room and Dr Chris put 0.75 mils back in my band. He refused to give me the whole 1 cc back (whinge whinge) saying that I'd had inflamation round my band in May, which is why he took it out. He didn't remember and I didn't like to say, that that was because I'd been ill and vomitting (non WLS related).

(Campanille from a distance)

I got back to the Campanille and managed to eat most of a piece of grilled salmon, but definitely no rice. The restriction is back, tho prob not as much as it could be.

(Brussels Central Station)

He warned me I might have heartburn or coughing in the night - after watching the football (what an *amazing match* ) game between Turkey and Croatia, I went to bed and slept like a baby.

I had a cup a soup for breakfast and felt fine, so long as I drank it slowly, and during the day had another cup of soup and a bottle of water.

(English - or maybe Scottish - man playing bagpipes outside some impressive cathedral - complete with motor bike and statue!)
When I finally got home tonight, I tried some fish in cheese sauce, but really only ate the sauce - pb'd a little fish.
Have to say, my pb'ing is not like other people's - no pain at all, no feeling of choking or golf balls or horses sitting on my chest: I just burp quietly and spit into a napkin (I've done this in public and no one has noticed - or they've thought I was blowing my nose or sthg :-)

(Grand Place)

I had a good trip to Brussels and will post more photos next week, God willing.
but for now, I am tired and need to go to sleep.

The bad news from last night was that I had gained 4.5kg in 4 weeks. (10lbs in English).
Making my net loss at 27 weeks post op, 11kg.

Not remotely impressive. Am I the slowest looser ever to have a band?
I realise I need to look at this as a long haul weight reduction program; not a crash diet.

Hope my restriction holds - I've definitely been tighter than this, I can drink a cup of water no bother, and swallow pills (after previous fills I couldn't). I'm scared it will loosen up in the next week or so and I'll be back to gaining weight.
(Normally after fills I can only manage clear fluids for a week or so, then it loosens)

Interesting chat with the lady in the waiting room, who said that she had had a "sweet spot", had to have a defill for unrelated surgery, regained weight, and that her previous level of restriction was now too tight for her. Theory being once you have a defill, things don't go back to where they were before. . .

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