Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Fickle things, bands

Now Tuesday following my fill on Friday. Saturday I didn't eat much - soup, fish pie and more soup. Sunday was the same; Monday I tried to eat a bit more and ended up being quite sick quite a lot. So I really am not sure how much food stayed down.

Today I decided I'd wait as long as possible before eating in the morning (since I get up at 6am that isn't hard), so as to give my stomach a rest after being sick on Monday.

But at nearly midday I am not keeping water down, or at least not much of it. How peculiar, considering I was eating, fish, soup, pasta, etc earlier on.

My previous fills have started off tight then got looser; this one seems to have started off looser and got tight.


Maybe I don't need to see CDB next month after all.

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