Friday, 10 October 2008

Another pound down

Yes, another pound off. Sounds silly that it makes me so excited, but I am now 10 stone 12.2 pounds (or 152.2 lbs)

All the way from 15-3 (or 14-8 day of operation).

Weight loss so far: 60 pounds in total

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Bunny said...

good grief. I was 18 stone on band day... and I am only an inch taller than you. My freind was 15-3 when we started slimmingworld back in 2005ish. she is just under 14 now, but hasnt done any significant weight loss, only gain gain gain lose, gain gain gain lose etc.

I can't imagine being where you are today. I look forward to it if it ever happens. Unlike you, I feel that when I was 11-7 I was a good weight... funny what size of frame and stuff does. I cant imagine being 10 stone something. I dont think I have been that weight since I was a toddler LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!