Friday, 3 October 2008

Slimming magazines

I picked a slimming magazine up at the checkout a week ago. It has sat, un-read, in my intray until now.

Reading it, I feel like yelling "weight loss surgery!!!" at the top of my voice. People (women) write in, morbidly obese, dieting for the 27th time, having lost 3 stone but still having 10 stone to go; having lost 3 stone then regained four; having battled weight since the age of six, etc

It is sad. Sad that obesity isn't seen as an illness, and instead is seen as a lack of character, personality defect, personal failing, or just proof that some of us are "born plain greedy" (as my mother in law once said about me :-( )

I really wish these magazines would stop peddalling "fat block" pills or "appetite depressants" - which have absolutely no medical or scientific value. The adds pages are full of such nonsense.

Yes, the magazine has the usual "inspiring articles" about how Ms SoandSo lost x stone on the blue and red diet" while "Mrs SuchandSuch lost x stone on the green and yellow diet".

No long term follow up. And I bet very few long term losers (I mean winners)

I used to read these magazines almost daily, somehow believing that if I could and would only make the effort, then I too could lose two pounds a week and reach weight loss heaven in however long it might take.

Plenty organisations ready to take my money . . . and I really believed that diets and self control were the way forward.

Well, yes, diet and self control IS the way forward. But not the only way. Thank GOD for weight loss surgery. And for organisations that help promote WLS and promote information (esp WLS Info Forums)


Skinny-Minnie said...

I believe if I never dieted, I wouldn't be this fat now.

When are people going to realize DIETS, PILLS AND DIET "PROGRAMS" DON'T WORK!!!!!!

They set you up to fail.

I will shout from the roof tops "I've had Gastric Banding." if it helps just one over-weight, unhealthy, sad person.

Because it has changed my life and how I feel about myself in just 2 1/2 weeks!!!!

Keep the dialogue going. People will hear you if they just stop talking.

Bandster said...

Thanks, that is how I feel. I hadn't realised how much my attitude had changed until I read this magazine.