Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Since last post (more than 2 wks) I;ve not really lost any weight, in fact I hover around between 144 and 146 then back to 144 lbs again. I am not sure why this is, maybe because it is cold and miserable and I am comfort eating.
Or because inside I feel that 10 stone 4 is an acceptable weight, so have mentally taken the brakes off and am eating too much. Not too much at one time, the band makes sure of that, but too much too often of the wrong food and I'll be back up to 15 stone before I know it.
So I am looking forward to a fill. The immediate tightness for the first few weeks after a fill means that I become much more aware of everything I try to put in my stomach. Hopefully it will be a deterrent to nibbling on all the seasonal goodies around just now.

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Cherith said...

Googled "My band is too tight " and up came your blog - have enjoyed reading it so much - what a journey you have been on!
Wanted some advice about my too tight band - had one mil put in on Wednesday evening and have been just so uncomfortable every since!
Will it settle or will I have to have a tiny bit taken out!
Best wishes