Thursday, 14 May 2009

Another fill

After a 1 mil fill last week, I really don't feel I that I have much more restriction. So I kept a previously made appointment and went for another fill with Dr Chris.

He wasn't convinced I needed it but let me have 0.5mil - though he said he won't let me have any more, he said he had thought previously that I had lost too much weight.
Huh! That should be my decision.
It was interesting being at his London Clinic in Upper Wimpole Street. Lots of other bandsters there with different stories.
I now have 6 mils in my 10 mil band; and am a bit miffed that Dr C more or less said that this is the last fill he will give me. I need to work with this restriction, not against it.
Not eaten much today - made the mistake of going to the appointment at 1530 without having had any real food, and afterwards I could only have soup (and chips and dip)
My restriction is nowhere like it was after my January fill last year. (when I went from 1 mil to 5 mils over night).
Weight wise, I never really understand how Dr Chris works it out, I was 60kg this morning, first thing, no clothes, and yet he made me 59kg in the afternoons with a heavy denim skirt on . .
Back to basics, keep drinking water, keep off high cal foods like pistachio nuts and onion and garlic dip; and get plenty protein in.
And avoid being sick. Scared I'll damage my band or pouch if I am sick too much


The Dash! said...

Hi there,

Cara here, all the way from West Australia :) I read your blog today from beginning to end, and I have to say I find you amazing, seriously. The amount of trouble you had to start with, then it kept on and on and you would write a post and then apologise for it saying "I had a whinge", when honestly, you were not! Not by a long shot. It was just telling it as it was, and OH what a was it was.. (holy cow, did you understand that at all, think I confused myself. lol)

Anyway, I just HAD to write and let you know, I find you inspirational and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. All the crap you went through (and If I'm being honest, I wish the doctors had helped you more. You were crying out for help and nobody was there for you..and while having the band is supposed to be hard work, I'm 100 percent certain it was way harder for you than it should have been!! That sucked!!!

But still you struggled along and you got where you wanted to be.. well, almost. Your blog made me well up a few times at hard you kept at it and yet you continued on. (And why no comments.. well not many... it seems people were reading.. where was their support! GRRR)

Just a question if thats ok? You mentioned you got to around 65 kilos? Which is NOT BIG by anyones standards, but I was wondering how tall you are? I ask this as when I was in my 20's I weighed 65 kilos and am five foot five and I was very slim. And this was before children (of which you have you mentioned you have also...)
Anyway, I want you to know I will be checking in for your next installment, so keep writing, please. And I hope things get easier for you, at least eventually

Bandster said...

Hi Cara, thanks for dropping by and commenting, I've had a read of your blog - like the name "dash"

Having a band is hard work, but it is much easier than being fat was!

Glad you find my story interesting; I do try to tell it as it is, though sometimes it is a bit miserable :-)

I am five foot six tall - but I must have hollow bones - cos at 65 kilos I am not big, but not small either; I don't know how sizes go in Australia, but I am a size 16 on top, and only a size 8 on the bottom. I have extra fat on my back, shoulders, and lower legs.

I have been over 100kgs in the past. .
Nice to "meet" you!