Saturday, 9 May 2009


I should keep this more up to date, it is helpful to me to look back and see what I went through previously.
Had one mil taken out of my band on April 4th - I'd thought i was losing restriction and wanted a fill, but slight pouch swelling meant a defill.
I started gaining weight with a vengeance - by May 8th I was up to 9-13 (from 8 - 12 on April 4th)
I had planned on going to Belgium on May 8/9th, but due to family committments, I couldn't. Instead I went to a new fill provider, Marc Focquet, in London.
He is also Belgian, and very nice. He went through my history with me (a shortened version, I skipped the bit about scarlet fever last summer), and gave me a 1 mil fill.
Have to say he didn't seem to find doing the fill as simple as Dr Chris does, but then he didn't fit my port, and I think he might place them differently.
It hurt more than it normally does - like someone said it feels like a cork popping - ouch.
I was able to drink all the water he gave me, which was disappointing - when I'm well filled I can only sip liquids, rather than glug them.
Now, 24 hrs later, I dont' feel like I've had much of a fill at all. Can still glug water, and last night had a bad spate of eating for England (though I was sticking to liquids, so maybe I should say drinking for England :-)
Let's see what this week brings. Some weight loss I hope!

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