Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Bah Humbug

I am not feeling Christmassy at all. I'm cold and tired and trying not to eat too much. Since my defill I've stopped pbing completely which is great (though if I do drink diet Coke which hasn't had time to go flat too fast it might come back up), but I'm scared of weight gain.

So I am anxiously watching every calorie, and I hate it.

One thing that never worked for me was the sense of not being hungry. I am always hungry and often thinking about food when I really don't need to eat. And although I get full easily, I also get hungry again quickly.

I think I had too much out at my last defill. It seems likely that my stomach was swollen with pbing and now that my restriction is less and that has settled down, the swelling has gone down and I have too little restriction.

Bands are hard work!

Enjoying the sucess stories out there in Bandland!


The Dash! said...

Hiya :)
Nice to see you back - I was wondering where you had got to! Sounds like you're going through a rough run.. really does. Try your best to get through Christmas and then grab that fill with both hands.. def sounds like you need it. Keep in contact :) I always love to hear how you are going.
Merry Christmas!!!
Cara xx

Dinnerland said...

How are you doing now? DON'T GIVE UP !!!! THis is a critical point for you-- pull up your knickers and start working again if you need it. Go back to the surgeon and work on your fill again if that is needed.
YOU CAN DO THIS. Be your own hero, because you can be... don't give in to the regain beast.

OH: And stop being so hard on yourself. I thought I had a tendency to be mean to myself until I read your blog, you take the cake (so to speak.) Please congratulate yourself on your amazing successes and move on from your failures.
I will take my own advice too-- when the time comes!

Bandster said...

LOL Vanessa, I do tend to be a bit of an Eeyore when it comes to my progress. Will try to be more positive.