Monday, 28 December 2009

Oh dear oh dear

I am up to 10 stone 1.8 pounds. It is all my own fault (grin, wish I could blame some evil force at work in the universe, but I can't) - I've been snacking too much, my restriction is all but gone, and I've not been to the gym as much as I should or could have.

On the positive side of things, I've booked a fill, and am determined to try to cut down on what I'm mindlessly eating (quite a lot at this time of yr). Total intake today, two cups of coffee, and one Cambridge Diet drink. So far, so good. Roll on next week and my fill. I feel like asking for another 2mils, but since I just had 0.5mls out, I doubt I'd survive that. Not sure if it is worth having 0.25, but less is sometimes more when it comes to restriction.

At least I'm not facing yet another New Year's resolution to lose 100 pounds; I only need to lose ten or so. And that is not impossible with a band.


Dinnerland said...

Hang in there-- by my reckoning, that's around 141 or 142 lbs (I am American, sorry, duh!)
This is NOT the end of the world and don't let it be so.
Your action plan is already on the way:
1) Get another fill and talk to your doctor about what is going on, DO NOT HIDE THIS
2) Try to stay out of your looser clothing--keep in tighter gear and keep your skinniest clothes nearby for a weekly try on
3) EXERCISE. I don't know if they have "Leslie Sansone" in the UK, but she is brilliant-- basically 'walking' that is low impact aerobics and VERY accessible and can be done daily.
4) Remember your band rules: protein first, then veggies, then carbs. Make a daily plan and stick to it.

Get this weight off NOW before it becomes a serious problem. Right now, it is only upsetting... but if you gain another 10 pounds or another stone (14 pounds??)-- you'll be even more miserable.

Take hold and move on-- this has nothing to do with you being a bad person. You've just slipped and you can get it back.

Please do it!!!
Good luck, Vanessa

PS: Next year or the year after, I truly hope you'll be back to kick me in the arse (lightly) if I need a jump start after I've lost as much weight as you have. YOu are success story-- keep it that way...

The Dash! said...

I think we all managed to gain a little over Christmas - don't beat yourself up.. you are now so small a little weight won't show up too much - and get that fill which will quickly knock it off again. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
Cara xxx

Bandster said...

Hi Dinnerland, thanks for the advice. YOu are right, I need to get this taken care of *now*, before it becomes a major issue.

I've been wearing tighter clothes, rather than looser ones (though to be honest I got rid of most of my loose clothes back when I was 124 pounds. Now I am nearer 144 - help!!)

Dash - I do wonder about putting on weight over Xmas - is it because of the food around, or is it because of the cold, and our genetic make up? (I guess the cold theory wouldn't affect you, since you are in the middle of summer right now - lucky you.)

I feel the cold terribly, and hate winter, always makes me depressed, and I go in for comfort eating in a big way.

Roll on spring. And till then, at least I have a fill to look forward to.

Thanks for the support