Sunday, 10 February 2008

Monday again

Monday again, my favourite day of the week (sarcasm :-)

I recently posted on the WLS Forums asking for others' experiences of a band, to see what my experience was like, in comparison. In partic. I was/am concerned that I've not really lost much weight so far, and I wondered if this affected my long term success prospects.

Well! I got thumped good and hard for asking, with various comments telling me not to expect any weight loss for six months (???) and the general tone of replies being that I was whining and would I please be quiet.

Sigh, so much for a "support" group.

Obviously banding is a pretty individual experience, but I've come across posts by people who've lost 50% of their excess weight in 6 wks, or nearly 3 stone in 5 weeks - see for example.

I don't know why a few anonymous names at the end of a forum are making me feel defensive, but they are! I am not making it up that some people lose a lot of weight quickly after this surgery; nor, sadly, am I making up the fact that I haven't!


Lilynolife said...

Hi H, how much have you lost? You and I are in a similar position with the weightloss being slow, however, my friend has lost 4 stone in comparision to my 20lb, in less time than me... so I think how much we lose depends on our individual bodies. I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative response from WLS... and to think you pay a subscription for the privalidge!

I would say, be patient, follow the band guidelines, see your dr for your xray and fill/fills as appropriate and don't lose faith! You will shed your excess weight... even if it takes longer than you would have hoped.

Keep well

Bandster said...

Thanks Lesley, will email you later. I was a bit harassed at the responses on WLS - it is a bit like you have to tow the official line or be quiet.

or maybe I'm just being oversensitive


Jaci said...

sorry to hear people on the site were not as supportive as you needed. Lord knows we all face different challenges!
I am almost three years out (CDB Belgium) and lost 70% in the first 12 months but did not get to 90% until this year.

It will happen, you habe a great attitude! Be strong!