Friday, 29 February 2008

To fill or not to fill . . .

To fill or not to fill, that is the question. I arranged for another fill on March 8th with a different fill provider, since I didnt' think the most recent fill in Belgium had made any difference. That was a week ago.
(this isn't me either, but I wouldn't mind looking like this)
Now, I am not so sure that I could cope with any more fill at all. Other than my staple diet of soft cheese and crackerbread, soup and fruit juice, I can't eat hardly anything. Last night I was really fed up and tried to eat chocolate. It went down ok, but I felt sickly and stuffed (could be because I am not eating chocolate as much as I used to pre op, and once you are off chocolate for a while it does taste very sweet and sickly, I find.

Then to my shock and horror, I actually vomitted the chocolate. I didn't think I'd ever be in a state where I couldn't eat chocolate in small quantities.

Maybe (I've not been feeling very well) I am going down with some virus or other.

I am able to sip liquids this morning, but no food going down at all. Haven't felt like trying to be honest, tho I did try a boiled egg - wanting to start the day with protein. Actually I started the day with two painkillers for my back pain, and these stayed stuck for ages. They are capsules, but not the type you can open and sprinkle - they are glued shut and if I try to open them they end up all over my clothes, not my mouth.

So total intake so far today: a little sugar free squash, and two tramadol. Hmmmm. Not too many calories there, but, as experience tells me, the night is young, and I tend to feel less restricted as the day goes on.

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just gilly said...

Hi there! I am pre-op, and also considering going to CDB for my surgery. He performs surgery in Ireland,but it is twice the price (no joke!) I have about 75lbs to lose, and I am never going to lose them dieting so I am taking the bull by the horns so to speak.. However, I have read your blog (and I am delighted to have found it, well done you!) but i just have a few concerns. I can see you have had alot of trouble swallowing foods, but yet you still went back for fills? I thought if you couldnt keep food down your band is too tight, and I really want to be able to eat normal food after my op. I know i wont be able to eat EVERYTHING, and anythign I do eat will be in much smaller portions, but I would be miserable just eating crackers ans soup for the rest of my life. Please help?!! I am going to read the rest of your blog and follow your progress, I think your brilliant to have made this decision. I just want to know as much as I can before i make the same decision. Would love to hear from you x gill