Thursday, 25 September 2008

Good question

Thanks for the comments.

Good question: why am I in such a rush to lose weight? I don't know the answer to that. Maybe because I don't believe that real life will ever allow me to be thin; only crash diets, food deprivation etc. I am scared of being myself, eating what I want etc, cos I know where that has got me over the last 20 yrs.

Lots to think about

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Skinny-Minnie said...

You can do it this time. Think about the sacrifices that you've made to get this far.

I have faced the fact at 45 years old that I will never look like a super model. (OH Darn) Real life may never allow you or I to be thin...try going for healthy. That's my plan and mindset.

THIS IS NOT A CRASH DIET. It's not about starvation either. It's about fueling our bodies with what it needs and not what it doesn't need.

Gastric Banding is however, a tool to help US with portion control and gives us time to make the right choices because we don't want to burp up the food we consume.

Another question: Is your eating your way of being yourself? Is THAT all you got up your sleeve? I don't believe that in a million years.