Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another week

Another week since I posted. I was down to 9 stone 10 last time I weighed, though I have high hopes of being less next week - not least because tomorrow I am not allowed to eat any food at all (only clear fluids) pre colonscopy; then on Friday I won't be allowed to eat until after the procedure.

And today I'm on a restricted diet of (band friendly) slider foods - biscuits, butter, cream, soft chicken, mashed potatoes. No fibre.

So I am hoping the enforced starvation will help the scales (trying to put a positive spin on it, there really isn't anything positive at all about enforced starvation!)

I am already feeling very sorry for myself. I get to drink lots of laxative laden fluid tomorrow, and am warned to "stay near a bathroom". Hmmmm, like anyone wouldn't?

In other news, I have decided to (as in finally booked) have a face lift. No one but me thinks it is at all necessary, but it's my face and my life, and why not? So I'll be heading off to Belgium at the end of April. I will take plenty of photos - not sure I'll have the courage to post them here.

Hope everyone is well in BandsterLand - Catherine, you've been MIA for a bit - busy with work? Bunny, you've disappeared again too . . ?


Dinnerland said...

Ugh, I've had 2 colonoscopies and the prep is by far the worst part. *hugs*
Facelift, something tells me you don't need it but that's not for me to say anyway!!
Of course: I've never seen your face... but you always seem so critical of yourself in your blogs.
I hope you can find the way to loving yourself more, you're worth it!!
xo V

Bandster said...

Lol, thanks Dinnerland. I found that since losing weight, I have a lot of baggy skin round my lower face, and the idea of a face lift is to pull it up and back.

I think I'm probably more vain than the average 43 yr old woman!

I know when I had botox the first time my dh (who didn't know I'd had it done) exclaimed out of the blue how young I looked since I'd started going to they gym.

Lol, it wasn't the gym, but I didn't tell him.

It's taken me years to actually do anything for myself, getting a band was a huge step forward.

THE DASH! said...

Oh, GO YOU!!!!! I have been toying with the idea of work on my face too. I think you're hugely brave. Make sure you tell us about it ALL.. I will take my tips from you. I just want my eye bags done and perhaps some tightening around the chin.. all else is ok I think. Great decision. You need to do this JUST for you!!