Friday, 12 March 2010


Having a stressful time - not band related. Dh's parents are unwell, and we live a long way away and it has meant a lot of work, phone calls and worry. Might not sound much, but for us, it has been a really tough time . . .And along with stress comes band tightening and this week I've not had the *sense* to go back to fluids for a couple of days, and I've been pbing too much

Right now my stomach just *aches* from a few pbs this evening. I am hungry but can't seem to find any food that stays down. And not much fluid either.

The pb cycle is bad. I eat too much or too fast; then I pb; stomach gets swollen; less food can go down; I'm stressed;I'm hungry - feels like I am starving; I eat too much or too fast; so I pb . . . and so it goes on.

Going to stick to fluids tomorrow, I promise. . .

I read on the Weight Loss Forum that in the six yrs since my surgeon has been fitting my type of band, there have been NO reported case (anywhere in the world) of that type of band slipping or eroding. That makes me feel a bit better right now, cos otherwise I think I'd be sure my band was about to explode :-(

Off to sleep now, and tomorrow is another day. I need to de-stress and give my poor stomach a rest.

Good luck to everyone - and I wouldn't like to worry any new or prospective bandsters, this isn't usual. I'm unusually stressed, and my eating right now is unusually bad.

In the pre band days I'd have eaten non stop, and then some more. That isn't possible any more, thankfully.


THE DASH! said...

You poor girl - all this sounds like a nightmare - and I get the eat fast/PB, cant keep any fluids down cycle, done it myself a few times. I really hope things get better soon for you - or at least it slows down.

PS What is the kind of band you have in? I have a 10ml realize band. Is yours the same (I'm hoping!! I like your doctors stats!!)

THE DASH! said...

Oh I read that wrong - it was on the forum - still, can you pop over to me if you get a chance and tell me what kind it is? Thanks :)

Dinnerland said...

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time-- I hope things will improve from here...

Bandster said...

Thanks, I am having a much better day today, have kept to soup, coffee and a few bites of easily swallowed leftovers.

Re the band I have - I'm not sure, will check up and report back.