Tuesday, 9 March 2010



Today I had to see a colorectal surgeon - long story, bad family history, the odd symptom, but no, I don't think I have any major issues. Despite all that, I do have to have a battery of tests and will no doubt whine loudly about them as they come along.

(And in case anyone wants to offer me some sympathy, I have to have a colonoscopy, an endoanal ultrasound, pelvic floor physiology as well as a proctogram. That is probably TMI. . .)

The doctor I saw today was very nice and sounded quite reasonable about my band (they always ask what previous surgery I've had, I have to tell them all about childhood illnesses, etc - and then I have to tell them bout my band). He asked how much weight I'd lost and said very genuinely "well done, good for you" - rather than the rolling of eyes and "OMG *why*???" that I sometimes get from medical professionals.

And he nodded knowingly when I said I'd gone to Belgium for surgery, which is again and improvement on how a lot of doctors in the UK react (they usually do the shock horror, you went abroad? thing)

Anyway, he had me lie down so he could feel my tummy, checking for any abnormal swellings, etc. All was fine till he came to my port - which is very close to the surface and very obvious. He felt it, scowled, tried again, squinted, pressed it again, peered very closely and looked quite perplexed.

"That's my port" I pointed out.

Relief flooded his face. . ."oooohhhhhh" he said, somewhat embarassedly. . .

"I thought . . ." [he was wondering how I could have a tumour in that position, that felt so well defined, etc]

"Well . . . I wondered if I needed a crash course in basic physiology" :-)

He'd never met a bandster (though had obviously read about banding) - and had no idea that we have ports.

But he was good; non judgemental, helpful and - I hope - will be able to deal with my forthcoming nightmarish tests in a kind and non embarassing manner.

I realise this is a bit off topic . . but it was amusing. Not quite an NSV - more of an acceptance of my band, treating it as no big deal (NBD) - which doesn't often happen.

It's good when people (medical or otherwise) can just nod and say "yeah, ok, no big deal" when I mention my band.


Bandster said...

And I have no idea why the paragraph spacing has gone so weird. Need to change my blog layout one of these days. . . . some of the other bandster's in blogland have beautiful and artistic blogs.

Fraid mine is pretty dull. One of these days I'll have time to do it up.

THE DASH! said...

What a drama huh? Thats a lotta tests. On the one hand it's such great news theres nothing going on, and your explanation of the doctor finding your port was so funny. I could picture it all. Whoo for you being well xxx

Bandster said...

Hi Cara

I am pretty sure/hopeful (99%) that I don't have anything much going on. But there is always an outside chance. .. and on a bad day (night) there is always that 1% to worry 'bout

TBH I am not worrying about the colonscopy right now (I've had three previously, over the yrs, but not since being banded) but I am worrying about some of the other tests - not about the results, but about the procedures.

Which I s'pose in the bigger picture is silly. After all, how bad/embarassing/horrendous/mortifying can tests be; esp when these tests might save my life. . .

I like the doc; and I hope that knowing/meeting me (as a bandster) will help to spread the word about WLS.