Saturday, 13 March 2010

Brand New Roo

Just some hugs to Roo ( living in the Middle East, who was banded in August and when she went for another fill, found out that her port has flipped - and it's going to cost $1200 to fix, and she can't have a fill before then.

Ouch. Sorry for you hun. Hope you get this fixed soon and get back on the losing track. (She has an amazing photo of her port movement and the attempts to do her last fill)

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Roo said...

A post just about me! Thanks so much for your support....truly does help me here in Dubai!
It's a brand new day, I have stepped away from the bag of Maltesers (and other junk) and coping as best I can under the circumstances....hopefully the doc will do the surgery in the next 3 days or so....fingers crossed...