Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Nine stone eight

I am so happy with that

I have not been trying at all lately

Life has been difficult; I have been comfort eating

I've had too many "liquid" calories, etc

And - big big and

I have avoided the scales.

So, finally tonight I plucked up the courage to jump on (weighing at night is not the best, cos apparently one is always lighter in the morning)

And I was only nine stone eight pounds - which is 134 pounds or 60.9kg

I'd love to be ten pounds (or five kilos) lighter, but right now, I can live with that, since I really haven't been trying, haven't been exercising (real life got in the way), and have been comfort eating quite bit

Yahooooo for my band. Without it I'd be gaining 2 - 3 pounds (1 -3kg) a week, given all the other "stuff" that is going on in my life right now. I know I would, I'd be seeking solace in food par excellence.

Yahooooo for the fact that my band has forced me on to the straight and narrow; and yeah, I am still ten pounds heavier than I'd like; but I am no way where I'd be without a band.

I could always lose weight when I tried; sometimes, lots of weight. But then when times got tough, life got difficult, things weren't easy etc; I'd give up on "the diet" and pile all the weight back on again.

With my band (God bless him) I can't give up. I can't just eat three whole pizzas without stopping, nor a whole family pack of crisps, nor yet seventeen of my son's homemade and utterly delectable donuts.

Will wont let me (my band is called Will Power). And he really won't let me get fat again. Even when the going gets tough and the tough want to get eating.

Just a thankful post. It is nearly two yrs since I was banded; I have kept between 80 and 90 pounds off since my op (more if you count the highest weight I ever hit).

Maybe this is really going to work???

I am not convinced on the one hand. I have read the statistics - at five yrs out almost all dieters have regained their original weight. AND, which is scarey, so many bandsters do well for a bit, lose loads of weight, then regain it all and go for an RNY. (check out

But for tonight, for me, this is working; and I am happy. . . .


wannabthinagain said...

you have done awesome, and have kept it off! you realize you aren't trying at the moment...that's the first step!

imagine without the would have been so much more.

I know life gets in the way (or we LET it) but for the same reasons you had WILL put there, if you work WITH him, he will keep the weight off!

I hope things get better and you feel ready to get those last 10 pounds off soon!

Do it for YOU!!

Bandster said...

Thanks, you are so right, I do just have to try a little bit, get on top of things and get on with getting the last bit of weight off.

Thanks for your support :-) and for leaving a comment.