Monday, 9 November 2009

A to Z

Have see this on a few bandster blogs. . . not sure how interesting it is to anyone, but here goes . .


- Age: 43 (and going to stay here for some time - last yr I was 38)
- Annoyance: children who lose their pencils/books/concentration
- Animal: cat definitely

- Beer: Haven't drunk beer for 20+ yrs; it makes me throw up terribbbbbbly
- Birthplace: Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
- Been in Love: Not sure
- Been bitched at: Yeah, no end
- Believe in yourself?: On good days
- Believe in God: Absolutely without a doubt
- Before weight: 220lbs ish

- Car: I don't drive
- Candy: any chocolate
- Colour: red
- Cried in school: not till I was quite old (like 17)
- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate always
- Chinese/Mexican: Chinese always
- Cake or pie: cake
- Country to visit: New York City. Been there once; it is a place without equal. London and Amsterdam come close, but my heart is in NYC

- Day or Night: Night! Always.
- Do the splits?: Never; though I did gymnastics in my teens

- Eggs: now and again
- Eyes: Brown :-( All my family have green. S'not fair.

- First crush:John MacNaught in Y10
- First thoughts waking up: It can't possibly be morning already??
- Food: yeah, now and again

- Greatest Fear: the day of judgement
- Goals: not sure than I have any
- Get along with your parents? - now and again

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