Monday, 22 June 2009

Biggest Loser

Been watching the TV program, UK version. I am about ten days behind, cos I never have time to watch it in real time, so always see it on catch up tv. . .
They had this episode where they had to pick up the weight in fat of what they'd lost. It looked huge and heavy.
I've lost . . (6 x 14) + . . . . nearly 90 pounds. (or 38 kg). Wow. Would NOT like to see that in fat that I had to pick up and carry around.
That is the weird thing about weight loss surgery. You lose weight almost so slowly that you dont notice it. If you read back on this blog I had times where I wasn't losing, or where I was fed up cos I didn't seem to be losing fast enough, I felt I was going nowhere, etc.
But now, 18 months on; wow. I am a lot lighter than I was. I don't actually look fat any more.. . .
Hard for me to say that, my mind hasn't yet caught up with my body.

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The Dash! said...

It's weird isn't it, that whole mind not catching up with the body phenomenon? 38 kilos.. holy cow.. that's about how much I have to lose - well 40 is what I have set myself - and I can't wait. You are a star :)