Saturday, 27 June 2009

Maintaining slowly

I seem to be fairly settled at around 9 stone 3. That isn't to say it is easy, I wish, grin.
Because I am home based, I am around food all day. I can never eat a huge amount at once, but cos I can eat more later, then later then later, then again, I have to be careful that I'm not adding up calories without realising it.
I do find when I am out and about doing other things that I lose weight more easily - when I'm at home, I am more likely to take risks, and try to eat food that my band hates, or eat too much, cos if I am sick at home it isnt the worst disaster.
However when I'm out with friends or anywhere other than home, I am much more careful and don't overeat, and I find I'm likely to lose a couple of pounds that week. . .
Moral of the story - stay home moms have more probs with bands :-)

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