Saturday, 20 June 2009

Low blood sugar?

The other day I had a weird experience.
I don't normally do much exercise - to be honest, I do none at all. I am absolutely sedentary and don't like going upstairs more than a couple of times a day if I can help it.
Was out with friends last week, and went for a brisk 20 minute walk. Then for a swim and then to a sauna and steam room. Then a 20 min walk home. By the time (noon) we got back, I was beginning to feel dreadful.
All I'd eaten all day was one cup of coffee. I felt really nauseous, sick, dizzy and weak. And kind of spaced out? Like I wasn't in touch with reality.
I had felt ok while swimming, though I'd found the brisk walk quite tiring, esp on the way home, and found it hard to keep making conversation while walking (getting out of breath).
I had to go out of the steam room cos I felt dizzy,but thought it was just the heat.
But the sick/weak/weird feeling kept on for ages. In the end I thought it might be low sugar, so I managed to drink some fruit juice; then some more.
I felt worse and worse and began to wonder if I was going to have to call an ambulance. . I couldn't eat any food, but thought that fruit juice might help my blood sugar levels.
Eventually it did. Wow was I grateful to start feeling "normal" again.
And I will never ever exercise on an empty stomach again!


The Dash! said...

LOL you silly bugger. Fancy doing all that on an empty tum. At least its a (hard) lesson learned. Im glad you finally felt better :)

Bandster said...


I think the real lesson is, "don't exercise, it is dangerous".


H x