Wednesday, 17 June 2009


It is Wednesday again and I haven't updated this week. Not sure how much I weigh (can't often say that) cos I've not been on the scales for a few days. I was down to 9 stone 0.3 pounds on Friday. I'd like to get under 9 stone, but since then I've eaten too much.
I didn't have to eat it, but I did. Sigh. I realise now that I am in maintenance mode; not trying to lose or gain weight, just stay sort of level. It isn't easy, I think it is easier to be losing rather than standing still.
My diet is not the world's healthiest, but over the weekend I did well. I had a girls' night out with a couple of friends on Friday and Saturday. We had dinner at an amazing restaurant ( which served up small portions of food, so I was able just to pick and choose what I wanted.
I don't think any of the others there noticed what I was or wasn't eating. Two of the friends who were at dinner know about my band, but we didn't discuss it. One of them did tell me (she's a good friend!) that she reckoned I looked more like 10 stone than 9 stone. (???!!!).
She is probably right, since people are always surprised how light I am for my size; I think I have light bones or something.
I'm still not really used to the fact that I am 9 stone something, instead of 200 pounds. I was reading an old journal last night, I was 14 stone 9 and really trying to lose weight. At that point in time I'd never heard of gastric banding. But I had been dieting all my life.
I am so glad that I found a way out of the endless cycle of "gain-lose-struggle-lose-gain-regain"
I've thought about posting photos here. . . .but I am nervous in case anyone who knows me in real life and doesn't know about this blog stumbles across it and recognises me.. . hmmmm.
If anyone wants pics (The Dash?) you can leave your email address in a comment and I'll send some privately. Or am I just being paranoid, does it really matter if real life people find this blog?
Not sure.

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The Dash! said...

ME ME I want pics!! lol I have often wondered what you look like (I want to see the skinny miss!!), and I totally get you regarding not sure about wanting to put your face on there. I was the same when I started (cos I haven't told many people) and then I thought, (well, Amy - land of sunkist - gave me a nudge) what the heck. If they know they know, and I will deal with it when it happens. But I DO understand...
So heres my email (and just chat too if you want :) that would be cool...
Thanks for thinking of me xx