Monday, 8 June 2009


Nine stone two point 8 pounds.
Better than it has been lately. I am glad. But having said that I have had a rotten day today, eaten too much of the wrong stuff. I have this thing about garlic and herb dip. Which is really just mayonnaise (liquid fat) with garlic flavoring . . .
I like to nibble tortilla chips dipped in garlic and herb dip. Sigh. Millions of calories. I really really need to get out of this habit.
Diet right now is like this:
Morning: decaff coffee with milk and a biscuit (100 cals)
Lunchtime: nothing, maybe coffee, but am generally not hungry.
Mid afternoon: chips, dip and lean chicken fillets (chicken is 150 per pack and it takes me ages to eat; chips are 500 per pack; dip is 1000 cals per tub. Eeeeeek. I can get through a tub in a day or maybe two)
Evening: I just continue with the above (cos I won't have finished it) and , maybe add some chocolate in.
I do cheat and take Orlistat every meal . . .to get rid of some of the excess fat I am taking in.
Not exactly a balanced diet. In fact when I write it down it looks terrrrrible.
Strange; pre banding I ate tons and tons of vegetables; I always had this thing about vegetables, I loved them. Broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts, onions, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, even boiled cabbage. . .
Now I can't eat veg, unless it is mushed beyond belief. Sometimes I manage carrot and corriander soup.
(pre band I ate lots more, not just veg, lol, didn't get to being 15 stone 3 by just eating veg)
I've never been a fruit eater. Hate it. Would rather eat cauliflower than an apple. And definitely prefer brussel sprouts over bananas. Weird, eh?
Am hoping to improve my blog, make it more interesting, chatty and add in some pics. I want to thank two bloggers, The Dash; and The NYC Attorney; your blogs are inspirational. I hope to learn from you.

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The Dash! said...

Hey there :)

What a gorgeous lady you are :) Thanks so much for your lovely comment on both my blog and yours. It just gives me such a lift. Your blog is actually quite great. You say it like it is and out of all the blogs I have read - and there's been a lot lol you are the one I admire the most for being so brave getting banded in another country AND doing it on your own and also coping with all the crap you put up with when it went in. You really had it tough. Keep slogging girl. You are doing amazingly.
Your friend Cara
PS If I ever get to England, I'm definitely looking you up!! We would have heaps of fun lol.