Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Hi, not sure why your blog has gone private, hope you are ok, and if you would be happy for me to read, you can invite me via

I'm still struggling a bit with too many carbs and not enough restriction - and not enough exercise. *Bad* combination. But not long till Jan 23rd and my fill.


THE DASH! said...

Eeek.. carbs.. aren't they the worst lol but so yum.

Dinnerland had a little trouble with someone who was nasty.. someone anonymous.. we are rallying to get her back. Hope she hears us.. we miss her!!

Dinnerland said...

Hi- thanks for your concern and wanting to continue to read my blog! I love your blog... and I am so glad you'll be going for your fill on 1/23. Great news!! And only a little more time in between so hang in there....

Cara, if you see this, thanks for the explanation, my blog is back up.