Thursday, 14 January 2010

I have decided that I am not going to weigh myself until I get weighed for my fill. I really do not have any restriction (or not much) and I am resigned to putting on a few pounds. Hopefully I'll get it off again easily once I'm filled.

I better!

I am trying to make better choices with food, but two things are hampering me (notice how good I am at excuses :-)) (1) I am really hungry. Like stomach-growling hunger. That didn't used to happen to me at all, pre band I never waited that long to eat (grin) and post band I didn't get like that. Not sure if it is to do with so little restriction, but my stomach gurgles and groans and rumbles a lot now.

(2) I'm on some unrelated medication which threatens that some might gain weight as a side effect. Sigh, I think I am one of them.

But I'm staying positive, and hopefully will get back to the gym *soon* now that the snow has cleared up.
Enjoying reading everyone's blogs - Dinnerland glad you are back open for business; Bunny, you've been away for a week, hope you are ok.


Barbara said...

When is you fill date? I know what you mean by the hunger.. I have been trying to stay filled with water and tea...I really want to get to that sweet spot everyone keeps talking about... Love you pics. Funny to see snow in London.. didn't realize they had such winters.. be well

Dinnerland said...

Yes, just do your best and if the scale is too difficult to face-- then stay off of it.
Sorry this is a difficult time but you will have your fill soon and hopefully be feeling much better...

THE DASH! said...

Look at you making regular comments again - it's brilliant!!

I hear you about the hunger - just went through it myself a few weeks ago - and found a small fill is the only answer. When do you get your fill! PS Drinks heaps and heaps of water.. it's the only way I got through. x

Dawn said...

I hope you find a balance. The hunger thing affects us all at sometime. I usually find it's the wrong time on the month for me...!!! LOL
Good luck with your fill. Your picture of London in the snow is very lovely. where do yo go in London for your fill? is it Weymouth street?...which is where I go.


Bandster said...

Upper Wimpole St - which is near Weymouth - who does yours? I go to CDB or Marc Focquet, depending on when they are around - Dr Chris did my surgery.

Julie said...


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