Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Friday came at last

Friday came at last and I trekked into London to have a fill. My fill provider (not my original surgeon, but equally competent) weighed me and said that I was a reasonable weight for my size - but when he checked how much weight I'd gained since a defil in November he was almost as horrified as I am, and said "then we have to fix it" (he's Belgian).

I was dithering about how much fill to have back in, since he only took half a mil out in November, but in my experience if you have fill out then back in, you need more in to make you back to where you were restriction-wise, somehow. (If that is accurate then eventually I'll need more fill than my band holds . . hmmmm)

I wondered whether I should have 0.5ml or o.75 ml but my doctor said he'd be happy to give me up to 1.5mls. .. so in the end (since I always think more is better than less) I went for 1 mil. He gave me a glass of water to drink immediately and I swallowed it without difficulty. Well about 50 mils of water, not a whole glass.

So that was good.

I haven't said how much he weighed me in at - I was mortified. I'd gained 12 pounds since seeing him in November. That is scary. Twelve pounds in one month? I do think the (unrelated) meds are accounting for some temporary weight gain there, but none the less, that is a scary amount to gain in less than eight weeks.

I was 148 pounds. Thankfully, some of that might have been water weight, and on Tuesday morning here at home I was only 141 pounds. (I would have weighed myself on the print-it-out machine at the gym on Monday, but the machine was broken)


THE DASH! said...

Even at 148 pounds you are a skinny Minny. I think the less is more scenario is smart - clever of you to recognise that too. Imagine if you were overfilled? Hope the restriction kicks in good and proper. You're doing fantastic!!

Dinnerland said...

I'm glad you got that fill-- now please keep posting and telling us newer bandsters how it goes.
You are a light in the future that I am looking towards.
You know what: everyone gains weight back sometimes, there is NOTHING to be ashamed about.
IT is a shame to STOP trying, and you haven't.
Now -- if you don't mind me giving you a little kick in the arse-- get your booty to the gym and make good food choices my friend from across the pond, you can do this!!!
xox V

Bandster said...

Thanks ladies. I was shocked at how easily I gained without restriction; goes to show that the band is still doing its work for me, and that I am not "cured" of my obsesity inclinations.

But it's not how often you gain weight that counts, it is what you do to lose it again.