Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I really am eating for England just now. Side effect of medication and lack of restriction. Truely horrible. But on the positive side of things it is only 72 hrs till I have a fill. And I managed to do "Day One" of the Couch to 5K" programme at the gym today.

That meant that I was able to run for 60 seconds then walk for 90 seconds for 20 minutes. Yay. Never done *that* before. I can do quite a bit of cycling but running I find hard.

As a complete non-runner, which part of my foot should hit the ground first, on the leg that goes forward: my heel or my toes? I tend to land on my toes and rock back to my heels rathr than landing on my heel and moving forward to my toes.

(Not that it really matters if I never go running again - which is how I feel right now, I am very achey. Long bath would be nice, but I'll settle for an early night. And watching an old episode of the Biggest Loser)

(Does anyone in the UK have an iPod or phone that they can watch movies on? I get so *bored* exercising!) (I know you can get them in the USA)


Dinnerland said...

Everyone has their own running form, but heel to toe strike is preferred, from my perspective.
It may be that your calves and the muscles within are tight... try stretching after a 5 minute warm up walk on the treadmill!
Good luck with the fill.

THE DASH! said...

Way cool you are doing the running. Thats a big achievement. Come on down fill - you poor girl, you def sound like its due!!